Top Boys Volleyball Club

Consistently Competitive at Nationals

Our boys volleyball teams consistently attend the USA Boys Volleyball National Championships in all age groups.

Highly Experienced Staff

50+ Yrs of Boys Volleyball Experience

Our volleyball coaching staff has a wealth of experience playing and coaching boys volleyball. Our founder, Keith Nannie, is the winningest coach in Texas high school boys volleyball history.

Top of the Line Facilities

Modern Workout Facilities & Equipment

Our facilities are the finest in the state. We offer a wide variety of specialty boys volleyball services including Performance Training and more.


“The best thing I’ve ever done with my life.”

Alumnus Garrett Dobbs, Outside Hitter, Stanford University, 2010 NCAA Mens’ Volleyball National Champions


Boys Volleyball

The DFW High Intensity Boys Volleyball Club was founded to introduce boys to the game of high-powered boys volleyball on a highly competitive level.  This boys volleyball club has and will continue to enhance the level of boys volleyball in North Texas, and raise the level of awareness and enthusiasm for boys volleyball in the Dallas Ft. Worth area as a sport which can be enjoyed through middle and upper school and continued throughout college and beyond.  This is a highly competitive boys volleyball organization.  Our boys volleyball club teams attend the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships every summer.  

Invaluable benefits to our boys volleyball club players include increased confidence, practice leading and working with others, ability to identify and set life goals, resources to accomplish life goals, drive, purposeful direction, and support from former DFW High Intensity Boys Volleyball Club teammates and coaches.  Our alumni, have gone on to play men’s volleyball at all collegiate levels and play volleyball professionally in the US and internationally. More importantly, DFW Volleyball Club alumni have gone on to earn advanced degrees in college, own and run successful businesses, lead others, coach athletes, teach students, and most importantly make the world a better place by being a mentor, example, and compassionate leader for others to follow.

Our boys volleyball club season starts in November and ends in the first week of July at the USA Boys Volleyball National Championships.  Our teams attend numerous boys volleyball National Qualifiers throughout the spring and summer to prepare for the USA Boys Volleyball National Championships. Our Fall Ball boys volleyball Program competes against local private school boys volleyball teams from August to October.  We also run our own boys volleyball camps, clinics, lessons and beach volleyball program throughout the year.

Keith Nannie has been a boys volleyball coach since the 1989 school year. Under Coach Nannie, the Greenhill Hornets Boys Volleyball Program has won ten Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) boys volleyball titles since 1993, including four undefeated seasons. During Greenhill’s 2008 campaign, Coach Nannie earned his 600th victory. He founded the Addison Boys Volleyball Club in 1992 and served as the club’s director until 2001. Nannie’s 18-and-under Addison Boys Volleyball Club teams won the AAU Boys Volleyball National Championships in 1995 and the USA Boys Volleyball  Junior National Club Championships in 1997. In the summer of 2003, Coach Nannie’s Addison 171 team won the Silver Medal at the AAU Boys Volleyball National Championships. After a two year absence from boys volleyball, Coach Nannie decided to begin DFW High Intensity Boys Volleyball Club.

DFW High Intensity Boys Volleyball Club alumni have gone on to achieve great success in all areas of boys volleyball and mens volleyball.  In 2010, alumnus Garrett Dobbs, Outside Hitter at Stanford University won the NCAA Division I Mens Volleyball National Championships.

In 2007, alumnus Alex Gutor, Outside Hitter at Penn State University played in the NCAA Division I Mens Volleyball National Championship game.  Unfortunately, Penn State lost to UCLA, but Alex played a pivotal role in Penn State’s Mens Volleyball Teams success that season.  Alex now plays mens volleyball professionally in Russia.